Incremental Update

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  • Nasy

    July 28, 2017

    Compare the files within two folders.

    About this algorithm

    This algorithm aims to compare the files within two folders. The files within B folder are more than the A folder. Put these files which are not in A folder into a separate folder C. If files already in C folder, pass it.


    Use the nature and operation of the collection.

    Implemented in Python

    import os
    import shutil
    def incremental_update(a_folder_path: str,
                           b_folder_path: str,
                           c_folder_path: str) -> None:
        """Incremental update.
            a_folder_path str: A folder path.
            b_folder_path str: B folder path.
            c_folder_path str: C folder path.
        # Compare files between 3 folders.
        c_files = (set(os.listdir(a_folder_path))
                   - set(os.listdir(b_folder_path))
                   - set(os.listdir(c_folder_path)))
        if not os.path.isdir(c_folder_path):
        def _copy(f_path: str) -> None:
            """Copy file from B to C.
                f_path: str. The file in B folder.
                os.path.join(b_folder_path, f_path),
                os.path.join(c_folder_path, f_path))
        for f_path in c_files:

    Why this

    A friend of mine wants to use it to do something interesting (I’m not sure…).